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Caring For Your Potted Plant

We only buy first grade plants direct from the nursery. This ensures that they have been treated correctly when they were harvested, thus maximising the plant life.

We want your plant gift to last as long as possible. Follow the simple advice below to get the longest life from your living gift.


How to care for your Gerbera Plant

A Gerbera plant is an annual blooming plant, suitable to be appreciated indoors, then transferred outside to the garden once it has finished blooming.  They should be kept moist but not sitting in a container of water - would prevent the soil from allowing air transfer to occur between the roots and the air.  These plants like a bright light and no direct sun which may cause sunburn of the leaves.


How to care for your Phaleonopsis Orchid

Phaleonopsis Orchids grow in a soil-less, bark filled pot and love having a good water once a week, or their foliage misted.  To water them, take the plastic pot out of the ceramic/presentation pot and immerse it in water for 1-2 hours, then drain and place back in the presentation pot.  These plants are best kept indoors out of direct sunlight.  While they may cease blooming, keep them around as they will flower again next year - even if it doesn't seem like it!


How to care for your Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

A peace lily is a good plant for a low light/indoor area, that keeps the air purified and will often continue to live, despite little care at all!  Ideally, water your plant weekly, or when the leaves begin to droop.  


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