Terms & Conditions


Cancellation Policy

If your order is cancelled anytime prior to 8am on the date of delivery, your order will be refunded in full to the payment device you made payment with. To cancel your order, simply reply to your confirmation email or contact us.


Substitution Policy

We attempt to make the finished product as close as possible to both your specifications and the pictured style. We guarantee our service by sending you photo confirmation of your gift.  Please note that the finished product may differ slightly due to the availability of flowers, and colour levels in the store at the time.  Similarly with containers, if suppliers are out of stock of a pictured container, vase or basket, we will use a product with a similar look.

Our focus will always be the overall look of the gift, eg. if a bouquet features pink gerberas and orange wrap is ordered, and we do not have pink gerberas, we deem an acceptable substitute to be orange gerberas with pink wrap, in the same style.

Where possible, if significant substitution will take place, we will contact you to confirm you are OK with this.  However, if the courier is about to leave - we will not risk not getting your gift there on time waiting for a reply for you and will default to the stated option in the email.


Freshest Flower Policy

It is our standard, deliberate practice to send all flowers out as tight budded flowers to give the Recipient the maximum vase life to enjoy them and ensure our 7 day quality guarantee.  It also means we can ensure they arrive pristine condition, as the buds protect the petals in transit.  


Money Back Guarantee

We supply only fresh flowers purchased from local markets and growers and ensure items are delivered by professional floral couriers in a way to ensure they arrive in pristine condition. Provided the proper care is administered, we guarantee a minimum of 7 days of quality, or we will replace or refund the flower value at no cost. 

"Quality" is defined as arriving in an undamaged state, with flowers lasting in their vase (not 'tipping over') and having been created as closely as possible to the picture on the website (noting any special instructions provided). Our guarantee does not apply in these instances:

  • when flowers are delivered in-bud (as stated above, this is by design)
  • when the Recipient does not like the flower choice made by the Sender
  • when upon being administered the proper care, the flower/plant state improves

We take issues regarding quality of the upmost seriousness, therefore, we will ask you to share a photo of the flowers with us by text or email so the exact problem can be deduced, an appropriate solution agreed upon and addressed with the relevant supplier.