Delivery Information

We offer free delivery to most Auckland and Pukekohe areas. We use specialist floral couriers who collect from our Pukekohe workroom four times daily.  Delivery surcharges apply for some outer and rural areas - these are applied when you enter the delivery suburb in the online ordering system.

⚠️ Couriers can not deliver to Hospitals or the Upper Waikato area, due to the current Covid alert level restrictions.

If received by the cut-off time, our guaranteed delivery times are:
  • Work addresses - by 5pm
  • School addresses - by 3pm
  • Residential addresses - by 7pm
  • Outer area addresses - late PM delivery (no guaranteed times)
Everyday cutoff times are:
  • By 10am for Auckland work and school deliveries
  • By 2pm for Auckland residential addresses
  • By 2pm for Pukekohe addresses
  • By 12 the day before to reach an outer area work or school address during business hours
  • By 2pm Friday for Saturday delivery

From time-to-time we have to close the delivery date earlier than these times as we are at capacity. Please choose the next available date in the calender, but feel free to put "Today if possible" and we can try our best.

Urgent/timed deliveries

Yes, this is often possible within our free delivery service. This entirely depends on a number of factors  (where you want it delivered, when you need it by and when you have placed your order). Just let us know what you need and we will advise you available options from our couriers.

How We Deliver

Floral couriers only visit the address once. If no one is home; your gift will be left at the front door, or in a safe place at the address (unless otherwise specified). They do not phone or text previous to calling & do not require a signature to accept. 

Delivery FAQs


What if I have to get something there by a specific time?

If you have a special timing request, please let us know at the time of ordering and we'll let you know what's possible and if there is any additional delivery charges.  If you want to confirm in advance of ordering, just email/text us on (021) 527 310 for a quick answer.


What happens if no one is home?

  • Our couriers only make one attempt at delivery.
  • If the recipient is not home, they will leave your gift at the front door or in a safe, cool place and leave a card in the letterbox advising where and when it was left.
  • Occasionally your gift may be left with a neighbour if they are prepared to accept the flowers or there are security gates at the given address and the courier is comfortable leaving them there. If this happens, a card will either be left under the door or in the letterbox advising that this has been done.
  • With gated properties, should the couriers not be able to gain access, the phone number you provide goes unanswered and there are no neighbours willing to accept/hold the flowers, they will be left at the gate. Should the courier not feel that it is safe to leave the flowers at the gate, a re-delivery fee of $15 will apply.


What happens when a delivery goes to a work address?

Our couriers only make one attempt at delivery.  If the Recipient is not able to receive them personally, they will be left in the care of the Receptionist or colleague who accepts them.  We are not able to guarantee personal delivery as business locations do not allow couriers throughout premises in most instances.


How can I know when it is going to get there?

Our couriers delivery windows are relatively predictable and standard delivery windows are detailed here. Before you order, be specific about when you need it to be there and once the couriers have it onboard and their run is solidified, they can provide us with an ETA (just text us on (021)527310 or reply to your order email).


What happens if the delivery fails?

If it eventuates that the delivery address you have given us is incorrect or no longer applies, a $15 re-delivery fee will be payable prior to your flowers being redirected. This will also apply if the couriers cannot gain access to a property due to security gates or inaccessible apartments. 


The flowers have to go to a new address. When will they get there?

If the new address is within that drivers coverage region, it will go the same day. However, if the new address is in an area where the driver does not cover, it may only be able to be delivered the following day. We will keep you updated what's possible.


Who does your deliveries?

We use 3 different specialist flower couriers to service Auckland and Franklin areas.  Currently, they do not offer track-and-trace services, but if you have an urgent query about the location of your delivery, get in touch and we can contact them for an ETA.


Can your delivery man sing them happy birthday?

Unfortunately, our couriers are so focused on getting everyones flowers there as early as possible, we're not able to ask them to do anything other than that.  Although, many have tried!



Please contact us if you have any queries.