Caring For Your Flowers

We only buy first grade flowers direct from the auctions.  This ensures that they have been treated correctly when they were harvested, thus maximising their vase life.  We send our lilies and roses out in tight bloom wherever possible.  This ensures that your recipient enjoys their opening - not us.

We want the flowers that you have ordered from us to last as long as possible.  Read and follow the handy advice below to see the difference!


Why do we only buy First Grade Flowers?

We only buy first grade flowers.  This ensures that they have been treated correctly when they were harvested, thus maximising flower life.  To supply first grade, good growers spend time and effort on "Post Harvest Care".  The first three hours after harvesting is critical to flower life.  When picked, flowers need to be cooled immediately, treated correctly with Chrysal (Flower food & water conditioner), and maintained at below 5 degrees centigrade to extend their vase life.  This means quality and longevity for you, the customer.


Cutting Stems

You should note that a good florist always cut stems at an angle as it increases the area available for the stem to absorb water and nutrients. When a 'film' can be seen across the bottom of a cut stem, it is necessary to re-cut the flowers to enable the stem to continue to draw up water.


Changing Water

It is important to change the water of fresh flowers regularly to prolong longevity, as flowers do spoil their water.  By removing any foliage that will be underwater you will be able to significantly increase stem life.


How To Extend Flower Life

Many of the flowers we send will not all be fully open.  We do this to enable you to benefit from the beauty of the flower as it opens and to appreciate your flowers for as long as possible.  Add the flower food packet provided to fresh water before you put your flowers into the vase.


Flower Packaging

Remove any wrapping from the flowers to allow them to breathe.  If you send or receive flowers in a water-filled box, the water still needs to be changed as a 'film' can form on the plastic lining of the box, spoiling the water.  If you send or receive the flowers wet wrapped, the stems will be covered in moist tissue.  This is for transportation purposes only & the flowers still need to be re-cut and placed in water.  If you send or receive the flowers that have "floss packs" on individual stems, remove them and re-cut them before placing them in water.


How to Manage Water Levels

All our flowers are de-foliated (leaves removed), below the level of the bunch tie.  Fill the vase to just below the tie as flowers generally don't need a vase full of water. What they do need is clean, fresh water regularly.  Sometimes too much water can actually make the stems go "mushy".


Where To Put Cut Flowers

Never put your flowers in direct sunlight.  You will find that the water in the vase will heat up and the flowers will be forced to draw up hot water through their stems. The same will occur if you place flowers on top of electrical appliances.  Don't put flowers in a breeze, especially if you have someone in the house suffering from allergies and remember to remove the pollen sacks from lilies as pollen can stain clothing and carpets.


How To Care For Tropical Flowers

Remember that Tropical Flowers are grown in a warm humid environment and will therefore last longer if these conditions are replicated.


What To Do If Cut Flowers Wilt

If individual flowers wilt, place 1cm of the stem in boiling water for 30 seconds.  Remove and ensure that you cut the bottom of the stem which has been "boiled" off, as the tissue is now damaged.  Place in deep cold water for an hour to allow maximum water uptake and the put back into your normal vase.


How to care for Self-Contained Arrangements

With self-contained arrangements, all you need to do is make sure there is enough water and nutrients to keep your plant happy.

  • Check the arrangement daily to ensure the oasis is moist. If the oasis becomes dry it is less likely to take up water again, so be sure to keep an eye on it regularly.
  • When topping up the water or remoistening the floral foam, add flower food to provide the flowers with much - needed nutrients.
  • Keep flowers in a cool spot away from direct sunlight, heating or cooling vents, directly under ceiling fans, or on top of televisions or radiators.