Tulip Bouquet

Bouquet Of Tulips In Flax Wrap
15 Orange Tulips | In A Vase
30 Stems | Simply Divine
10 Tulips | Sent Tight Budded For Long Vase Life
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Colour in stock this week is pink Tulips can express warm wishes, say thanks heaps or send get well wishes!   So just because you can, share some today while they are in season.

Please note, tulips will be best available colour, sent out in tight bud to open for maximum vase life.

Key Info:

  • Style: Bouquet, front facing, wrapped in woven or Abacca Scrunch wrap
  • Flowers included: Tulips in best colour available on day.   This gift is sent in bud to ensure the maximum vase life for your Recipient
  • Estimated vase life: 5 days