Terrific Tulip Posy In Vase

Posy Bouquet Of Tulips In Glass Ann Vase
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What better way to say happy birthday, get well soon, or just put a little bit of cheer into someone's day than with tulips! Tulips are in season right now, and they are stunning to watch as they open and grow toward the light. Tulips are arranged simply as they have their own lovely foliage, and delivered in a gorgeous glass ann vase, let the tulips do the talking.

Key info:

Style: All-round posy, presented and delivered in a glass ann vase

Flowers included: Best in-season tulips. Tulip colour may vary week to week, and will be best available from the markets, with the ribbon colour chosen to suit by our florists. This gift is sent in bud to ensure maximum vase life for your recipient.

Estimated vase life: 5 days