Florist Choice Flowers In Vox

Florist`s Choice Seasonal Flowers In A Cardboard Vox Vase
Superb Size - White Tones
Premium Size - Pastel Tones
Superb Size - Bright Mix
Premium Size - White Tones
Superb Size - Bright Mix
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Can't choose? Leave it up to us to create an elegant bouquet with the best of the season. This will be sent with a vox vase, so the Recipient doesn't have to worry to find a vase. Choosing a superb size gives the florist more options as well as increasing the overall size of your bouquet.

Key Info:
  • Style: All round Bouquet
  • Container: Water filled Vox Box
  • Flowers included: Florist choice of the best seasonally available
  • Estimated vase life: 7 days