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Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Policy

If an order is cancelled anytime previous to 8am on the date of delivery, your order will be refunded in full to the payment device you made payment with. To cancel your order, simply reply to your confirmation email or phone us on +64 9 296 2340.


Returns Policy

We have a complete customer charter here at As a rule, we stock the freshest flowers and keep them refridgerated to keep them closed until delivery, meaning the Recipient gets the longest vase life from their flowers - rather than us!

However, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the quality of your order, let us know within 24hrs and we will be happy to replace your flowers or give you a full refund. It is important that you notify us within this period so that we are able to assess the condition of the flowers before they start to deteriorate due to new conditions. Please note that we are unable to accept liability where the wrong delivery address has been given due to customer error.


We guarantee quoted delivery times. In the event that your order is more than 1/2 day late after our quoted delivery times delivery time we will give you a refund of $10.

We trust that customers are providing us with full and correct address details - however Roses Are Red accepts no responsibility for damages or delays if you position an address to be non-rural, when it is. If you have any queries whether your delivery is rural, please either consult GoogleMaps or contact us and we can check our courier schedule.

Substitution Policy

We attempt to make the finished product as close as possible to both your specifications and the pictured style. We guarantee our service by sending you a digital photo of your gift. However, despite all our trying we don't control the seasons or the weather! So please note that the finished product may differ slightly due to the availability of flowers, and colour levels in the store at the


Similarly with containers, if suppliers are out of stock of a pictured container, vase or basket, we will use a product with a similar look.

i.e. our focus is the overall look of the gift - if a bouquet features pink gerberas and orange wrap is ordered, and we do not have pink gerberas, we deem an acceptable substitute to be orange gerberas with pink wrap, in the same style.


All bouquets on the website feature open flowers, whereas we send them out tight/closed. This means the Recipient will receive the freshest flowers, enjoy watching them open and get the longest vase life from them rather than us. In some instances, this makes the E-Guarantee picture we send on the day it is delivered, slight different to the website. We think this is a good thing, rather than a bad thing!

About Us

We’re Auckland’s favourite florist to send flowers throughout Auckland and NZ. For good old fashioned personal customer service, prompt delivery, best quality flowers and quality guaranteed - shop with us!
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"The person receiving these flowers says they are wonderful looking - and my own email photo is a very nice touch I thought. I don't need to order flowers often, but if I did, your service would be the first I would turn towards again - it was EXCELLENT..."
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