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Wedding Bouquet Styles

When ordering your wedding bouquet for your special day through Roses Are Red, we ensure every flower is in pristine condition - not a petal out of place. It's of absolute importance that they are in tip top shape to get through your big day looking as amazing as you do.



Choosing a wedding bouquet style

When choosing a style, there is a vast difference in look and price between a fully wired and taped trailing bouquet, and a handtied bouquet.


  • Fully wired and taped wedding bouquets

A fully wired and taped trailing bouquet is like is pictured below - it means every individual flower is wired into the bouquet and positioned, taking a lot of florist time to create. The cost of one of these bouquets like pictured usually averages around $300. These bouquets are very heavy from lots of wire and usually quite large - but made with your proportions in mind.





  • Handtied Wedding Bouquets

A handtied like below is quicker for the florist to create and therefore costs less than a wired and taped bouquet. The average cost of a handtied bouquet like pictured is $150.





  • Single Flower Bouquets

If you are looking for something more basic, consider a group of single flowers tied together and bound with ribbon. Perfect flowers to do this with are gerberas or calla lillies. Depending on the amount of flowers, these bouquets average begin at around $30. The orange gerbera bouquet pictured below included 7 stems and was $50 and the orange calla lily bouquet pictured included 5 stems was $40.





View galleries of wedding work we have done here and contact us for a detailed quote. Remember to include details of where and when your wedding is. See an example quote for wedding flowers here.



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